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One of the most exciting experiences a woman can have, we can make it one you never forget, giving you choice, control and continuity.

Our team are some of the best midwives around and we'd love you to become part of it, or find out more about working with us.

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Welcome to UK Birth Centres


Having a baby is the most wonderful and special experience. At UK Birth Centres we are dedicated to providing safe, affordable maternity care from private midwives, helping you to achieve the birth you want.

We are a team of experienced private midwives devoted to providing continuity of care from private midwives for women throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. As the leading providers of private maternity care we strongly believe in Choice, Control and Continuity.

A private midwife is able to build a close and trusting relationship with their client through continuity of care. Appointments are scheduled at the clients’ convenience and are not restricted to a timeframe. By working in this way the team of private midwives at UK Birth Centres ensure that every woman is provided with exemplary physical and emotional care, enabling them to have more control and choice when it comes to their birth decisions.

Whether your pregnancy is straightforward or complex, whether this is your first baby or you have had a previous less than perfect birth experience we can support you. You can choose our Private Birth Suite, have your baby in your local hospital or to stay at home. Whatever that is, we believe that being supported by a private midwife you know and trust will ensure that you are more likely to enjoy your pregnancy and have a positive birth experience.

At UK Birth Centres we understand the importance of the choices you are about to make: thinking about the type of care you would like during pregnancy, planning where and how to have your baby and trying to imagine how you will feel in those first few weeks after the birth and what support you would like.

These are big decisions and that is why we offer all of our potential clients the chance to meet with one of our private midwives in the comfort of your own home or at the Private Birth Suite – to talk about the options for care, how we work and of course to answer any questions and discuss your personal requirements and choices. This is a no obligation appointment, relaxed and informal, designed that way to help you think through your care and birth options. It can be arranged at a time and venue to suit you.

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“The continuity of care, clear abilities of my midwife and ultimately the friendship made all the difference to my pregnancy and birthing experience”
— First Time Mum