The first hour is the most important hour after your baby is born…

Every woman all over the world is equipped with all that is needed to provide warmth, love, comfort and nutrition to her new baby.  Where possible It is important that the first hour of your baby’s life is uninterrupted or not disturbed.  In this way the built in instincts are ignited and nature starts to provide the baby with his/her first feed …Colostrum.

Posted on July 30, 2014 and filed under Newborn Care.

Keep Calm

The midwife will help the woman gain tools to help her work through her birth, relying entirely on her own natural hormone release and in labour the same familiar midwife will help comfort and support the woman, protecting her from situations that can inhibit the release of these hormones.

Does how you give birth matter?

Here at UK Birth Centres Ltd we understand that your birth experience is extremely important because not only does it shape how you transition into being a Mother but will remain with you for the rest of your life. We the midwives at UK Birth Centres are passionate about supporting women, listening to your hopes and dreams and helping to optimise your birth experience which it now turns out is going to have a lifelong beneficial effect on your baby!

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